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A classroom blog is one that all students in a particular class contribute to. It is not owned by any single student, but is meant to be a place where the thoughts by the whole class. A classroom blog can increase the amount of communication and collaboration that takes place in a classroom, and is also a powerful tool for assessment.

Classroom Blogs for the Mathematics Teacher

In the mathematics classroom, blogs can serve at least three basic functions.
  • Writing Prompts - Teachers can write blog entries for their students in the form of writing prompts. By clicking on the comment link under each entry (all blogs have one of these), students can respond to the prompt. After each student has responded, all of the comments will appear on the same page. Of course, this creates new learning opportunities for students and teachers:
    • Teachers can quickly assess student knowledge of a current classroom topic by simply scrolling down a page full of comments.
    • Students can read the responses of other students.
    • Students who may not normally participate in classroom discussions can now respond to questions without being embarassed.

Click the image above to see an example of a writing prompt.

  • Posting Links - Find an interesting website that you would like your students to check out? You can create a link to it in a blog entry. Check out the blog entry below where I give students an assignment to do after they click on the link to the website.

Click on the image above to see an example of a post with a link.

  • Posting Images - Digital images, in the form of photos or computer produced drawings, have the power to make mathematical concepts come alive. Teachers can post images in blog entries to:
    • Connect concepts to the real world. (see a great example at the GCHS Blog).
    • Create problems to solve. (see example at think again! & 7th grade math)
    • Give visual learners a reference.

  • Click on the image to see an example of a post with an image.
Benefits of a Mathematics Classroom Blog

Some of these should be obvious by now, others may not. Read on to see how blogs can benefit your students.
    Blogs can be worked on at virtually any time, in any place with an Internet-enabled computer.

    Blogs are a user-friendly technology--they require minimum technical knowledge and are quickly and easily created and updated.

    Blogs are highly motivating to students. Because students realize their efforts will be published to a wide audience (the entire Internet!), they are typically more motivated to produce better work.


    Read more about blogs:


    Classroom Blogs allow teachers to assess and enrich classroom learning.

    Student blogs allow students to create amazing multimedia projects and to communicate and dialogue with another.

    Writing with blogs in the mathematics classroom allows students to record their learning in a digital format.

    Digital portfolios allow students to demonstrate growth in an electronic format.

    Resources for Blogging in the Classroom - Books, links, and even more links.



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